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Pensacola Rowing Club Safety Manual

PRC 2023 Safety Manual

Last Updated:  February 2023

Safety Manual Acknowledgement 2023


Rowing Levels


Pensacola Rowing Club Adult Skill Assessment Check Lists

Pensacola Rowing Club wants to provide all our adult rowers with the opportunity to progress their skills through our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Rowing programs. We hope that the following information helps to create clear communication about how to progress as a rower through our adult rowing program. If you feel that you have reached a new level in rowing and would like the opportunity to advance to a new level, please contact your coach to be considered for advancing your skill level. To advance to a new level, a rower should review the skills checklist for each level and have a good understanding of the specific rowing assessment required for each skill level sought. A coach can review the requirements with each rower and provide an opportunity to test the skills for each level. It is our intention for all PRC adult rowers to review the check list themselves.

Adult Skill Levels 1. Level 1 (Novice Masters)


  • Must have completed PRC Novice Sweep Class
  • Must be accompanied by a coach or Level 4 while on the water.
  • Can row in an un-coxed quad in seat 2 or 3
  • Can row stroke of a double with a level 3 or4
  • Can only row designated trainers or singles with pontoons.
  • To be assessed see Level 1 (Novice Masters) checklist. (below)


Level 2 (Intermediate Masters/Recreational A)


  • Must always be accompanied by a coach or Level 4 rower.
  • Can row bow of a double and quad if accompanied by a level 3 or 4 rower.
  • Can row a single without pontoons if rower can demonstrate that they are capable and have passed flip test.
  • Must be supervised using Genie lift.
  • To be assessed see Level 2 (Intermediate Masters/Recreational A) checklist. (below)


Level 3 (Competitive Masters or Recreational B)


  • Has full access to sculling equipment and are permitted to row alone during open rows.
  • Can row any position in all boats.
  • To be assessed see Level 3 (Competitive Masters or Recreational B) Checklist. (below)


Level 4 (Competitive Masters/Recreational C)


  • Has independent use of club equipment outside scheduled practice
  • Has the responsibility for supervising other lower-level rowers.
  • To be assessed see Level 4 (Competitive Masters/Recreational C) checklist. (below)


Level 4 (Key Holder)

Key Holder: Must ensure the safety of all rowers under their supervision. This includes determining safe weather conditions, boat line up, assisting with equipment issues, and answering questions or concerns. Must lock overhead door and take key on the water while rowing. Ensure that all equipment is stored properly before leaving and locking overhead door. Must sign PRC Key Holder Acknowledgement.